OSMOS validates the bearing capacity of the bridge beyond the sole criteria of appearance, thus preventing the risks and interruption to operations.

The operating conditions, traffic and the environment are the cause of a large amount of damage that requires bridge managers to be particularly careful. Settlement of supports, problems of washout, cracking of the concrete decks, ageing of pre-stressing, movements, fatigue of metal bridges are all types of damage, whose origin and true impact on the mechanical behaviour of the structure are difficult to identify via traditional methods.

All of the information is continuously accessible, in real time. This provides managers with the facts they need to answer essential questions, such as:​

  • Is the structure’s integrity compatible with its operating conditions?
  • How can I optimize the structure’s operations?
  • Are visible problems evolving over time?
  • Can scheduled maintenance be postponed?
  • Has the structure been damaged by a disaster (fire, earthquake, etc.)?
  • How did the structure behave during extraordinary stress?
  • How is the structure changing over time?

Final and reassuring reports and analysis:

  • Monitoring of mechanical behaviour
  • Confirmation of return stability
  • Monitoring fatigue
  • Monitoring the ageing of the pre-stressing