OSMOS analyzes the different fatigue criteria without interrupting operations

Overhead travelling cranes are essential to ensure the smooth operation of a factory and its output. The regularly carried out routine visual controls are unable to detect possible hidden defects which do, however, present a significant risk (poor quality welds, corrosion, micro-cracking). 

All of the information is continuously accessible, in real time. This provides managers with the facts they need to answer essential questions, such as:​

  • Is the structure’s integrity compatible with its operating conditions?
  • How can I optimize the structure’s operations?
  • Are visible problems evolving over time?
  • Can scheduled maintenance be postponed?
  • Has the structure been damaged by a disaster (fire, earthquake, etc.)?
  • How did the structure behave during extraordinary stress?
  • How is the structure changing over time?

mur quai

Final and reassuring reports and analysis:

  • Loading tests
  • Hoisting tests 
  • Lateral movement tests
  • Braking tests