Load Test

Contrary to a theoretical study based on hypothetical situations, the monitoring of floor tests or loading tests by OSMOS makes it possible to determine the actual behaviour of the structure.

The tests on the floors and loading tests aim to detect any failures in the structure before they occur by determining the actual bearing capacity of the structures during tests. The tests and trials also serve as a point of reference to optimize the maintenance programme.

All of the information is continuously accessible, in real time. This provides managers with the facts they need to answer essential questions, such as:​

  • Is the structure’s integrity compatible with its operating conditions?
  • How can I optimize the structure’s operations?
  • Are visible problems evolving over time?
  • Can scheduled maintenance be postponed?
  • Has the structure been damaged by a disaster (fire, earthquake, etc.)?
  • How did the structure behave during extraordinary stress?
  • How is the structure changing over time?

Final and reassuring reports and analysis:

  • Validation of bearing capacity
  • Validation of the elastic behaviour of the structure
  • Measurement of constraints and deflections