Data analysis applied to industrial predictive maintenance: OSMOS brings you crucial information

To boost the performance of industrial installations, the predictive maintenance of facilities and equipment has become one of the major concerns of operational managers. This approach allows for an efficient allocation of your financial and human resources. Some are already talking about industry 4.0. 

Our core business is to continuously monitor the health of structures to allow our customers "to act in the right place, at the right time”. Therefore, predictive maintenance fits in perfectly with OSMOS’s approach. 

Our main concern is to personally assist you in making informed decisions, from designing and installing a suitable system to delivering and analyzing data. Thus, we can provide you with a customized decision-making solution to help you optimize maintenance and control operations.

Analyzing your facilities and equipment with dynamic and static data

The use of fiber optics allows us to identify and measure any deformation on your assets. This unique technology provides our team with both dynamic and static data to determine the current state of your industrial tool. Dynamic phenomena are continuously identified in real time. The collected data is precisely analyzed, according to a previously fixed threshold, to determine if the detected event has had an irreversible effect on your project. When no dynamic phenomenon occurs, our sensors record static data that, thanks to the analysis performed, represents the long-term structural health of your device. The analyses carried out are used to identify evidence of change in the condition of the monitored equipment. OSMOS assesses progress over time and informs you of the need for maintenance operations. 

An approach right at the heart of current issues

Opting for predictive maintenance means making significant gains. Going beyond a standard preventive approach, our customers are no longer satisfied with maintenance at regular intervals without knowing the factors of deformation and wear of their facilities and equipment. Taking into account and analyzing structural data associated with operating cycles allows our teams to determine the best operating conditions:

  • Measuring the actual stress ratio of the facilities and / or civil engineering structures;
  • Detecting excess loads;
  • Assessing the impact of loads, material behavior and vibration phenomena;
  • Comparing the behaviors of the structure's different components;
  • Performing a predictive analysis of the behavior by combining static and dynamic phenomena.
  • Optimizing the maintenance costs of your industrial facilities and extending their lifespan 

The collection of data allows you to model the static and dynamic behavior of your facilities and establish a continuous and real-time monitoring of their condition. We monitor the stresses exerted on the structure in real time and evaluate its long-term structural evolution. Not only is the intervention planned in advance, but our information also allows you to identify the causes of the anomalies detected. Our real-time and remote notification system warns you before the occurrence of any unusual phenomena in the structure. We do this in order to take all the necessary steps to prevent a situation that may lead to a shutdown of operations.  The maintenance costs of your assets are thus reduced and their availability rate significantly increases. In parallel, the expertise of OSMOS helps you decide on the possible extension of the lifespan of your facilities. By using our services, industrial customers optimize both their investment and operating budgets.

The cross-cutting nature of our team is an important strategic asset

OSMOS offers its customers a complete and precise service to help them in their decision making process. The quality of our monitoring, based on optical cable technology, is reflected in the support service provided by our multi-skilled teams for each project. Our teams are composed of project managers, civil engineers, structural engineers, mathematicians and data scientists. Their close collaboration with our customers makes it possible to better adapt the monitoring and assessment to the actual conditions of your facilities and their environment. Our deliverables are therefore adapted to the strategic points of each project to best meet their needs. In the same way, the analyses carried out by our team are sources of reliable information and thus allow to continuously enrich our expertise. Our know-how, feedback and collected data make our analyses a key resource for your decision-making process.