Static data are scanned at a rate of 50Hz. An average value is formed from these individual values over a configured measurement interval and saved in a memory with a depth of 300 locations. The static interval can range from 100 seconds to one day.

A dynamic threshold value is specified by default for the system for dynamic measurements. If a measured value exceeds this dynamic threshold value, the raw measurement values before and after the event are saved in a file.

The OSMOS standalone wireless Optical Strand is incorporated in the world of the Internet of Things for ad hoc, non-intrusive monitoring, including in zones that are difficult of access or in emergency situations. The wireless standalone Optical Strand has a compact mini-station that provides real-time detection and analysis of deformations based on 18 behavioural criteria.

Data recovery is done manually by OSMOS teams before the data are recorded and analysed in the OSMOS Cloud and become accessible from the client Web interface.

The OSMOS wireless standalone Optical Strand is easy to install and configure. It is compatible with visible and audible alarm systems and with the SMS alert system that remotely informs the recipient if the threshold is exceeded and sends a daily structural behaviour report.

Data recovery is done manually before being recorded and analyzed in the OSMOS cloud and accessed from the SAFE Works interface. Remote downloading is possible with the LIRIS Box extension

Software Features

The LIRIS software allows you to download data on SITE or offsite with the LIRIS Box, to follow up in real time, to analyze your data and to send your data on the OSMOS Cloud.

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