The LIRIS Tiltmeter is easy to install and configure. It is compatible with visual and audible warning systems, as well as with the SMS alert system, which remotely informs the recipient whenever a threshold is exceeded.

Static data are scanned at a frequency of 50Hz. An average value is calculated from the individual values, taken at a configured measurement interval and saved to a memory with a depth of 300 characters. The static interval can range from 100 seconds to one day.

A dynamic threshold value is specified by default for the system. Whenever a measured value exceeds this dynamic threshold value, the raw measurement values before and after the event are saved to a file.

Data is retrieved manually before being saved and analyzed in the OSMOS cloud and becoming accessible via the SAFE Works interface. They can also be downloaded remotely with the LIRIS Box extension.

Inclinomètre LIRIS

Software Features