Data analysis applied to industrial predictive maintenance: OSMOS brings you crucial information

To boost the performance of industrial installations, the predictive maintenance of facilities and equipment has become one of the major concerns of operational managers. This approach allows for an efficient allocation of your financial and human resources. Some are already talking about industry 4.0. 

Our core business is to continuously monitor the health of structures to allow our customers "to act in the right place, at the right time”. Therefore, predictive maintenance fits in perfectly with OSMOS’s approach. 

Clayey and Gypseous Soil: What Impact on the Buildings in the Pinot Subdivision?

Built in the 19th arrondissement of Paris in the 1930s, the Pinot subdivision is home to 18 four-story buildings. After a tilting movement was observed in one building, geotechnical studies and injections were performed. Now, OSMOS needs to examine the evolution of the soil’s mechanical characteristics and identify potentially at-risk zones.​

Initial geotechnical hypotheses​

When Building H’s tilt in relation to Building I was observed, actions were immediately put in place. First, a surveyor was called in. His readings, taken using level staffs attached to the structure, confirmed the one building’s displacement in relation to the other.