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Structural Data Solutions - Structural Health Monitoring

As specialists in structural behavior analysis, we use our proprietary Optical Strand sensors of unparalleled precision to make work on your structures safe, economical and sustainable. By opting for continuous monitoring, you can reduce your costs thank to a strategy of preventive maintenance. We control the entire chain of information: from in-situ measurements to transmission and analysis.

Our Job

Unique expertise

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OSMOS offers managers behavioral information about their structures and tracks their life cycles.

  • Continuous monitoring of your structures
  • Behavioral studies and statistics
  • Custom reports and event notifications
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance strategy for optimizing investments
  • Guidance & support
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Structural assessments based on the measurement of physical parameters
  • Identification of the critical points to monitor on each structure
  • Definition of the appropriate type of monitoring
Data analysis and diagnostics
  • Use of algorithms to process data and generate rapid alerts on the state of structures
  • Data correlation and structural behavior modeling
Structural behavior reporting
  • Regular reporting
  • Communication of analyses
  • Processing and management of alerts
Project support and tracking
  • Supervision of monitoring and technical assistance

Tracking stages

Preparation and planning

We study project feasibility by defining the essential points for tracking.

Provision of equipment

We configure the necessary equipment and assist you step-by–step.

Monitoring and follow-up

Once our sensors are activated, you will be notified in the event of any abnormal behavior.

Data collection

OSMOS data is archived and hosted at a secure space.

Analysis and results

We provide regular reports and comprehensive behavioral reviews.