A subsidiary of Eren Group, an expert in natural resource efficiency, OSMOS aims to extend the lifespan of structures by optimizing their upkeep, in order to save energy and economize on the materials needed for new builds. With recognized expertise in France and abroad, the company has made a name for itself as a major player on the structural health monitoring (SHM) market. Thanks to its innovative technology and its expertise, OSMOS gives managers of structures and engineering and construction companies the possibility of continuously monitoring changes to their structures, in real time.

  • Comprehensive overview of structures tracked by OSMOS
  • Customized reports and event alerts
  • Guidance and support throughout the structure’s life cycle
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Keep your structure in working order

Control :  through continuous, real-time monitoring, we can detect behavioral abnormalities early, so you can optimize your structures' operations.

Defer maintenance and major work

Save: Perform maintenance and/or rehabilitation work at the right time, and manage priorities so you can prevent urgent situations.

Protect the safety of staff members and users

Secure: ensure the safety of users by anticipating potential risks and detecting anomalies on your structures.

Extend the lifespan of structures

Anticipate: control risks by targeting corrective actions upstream

Project stages

Needs identification

We offer you the solutions best suited to your issues.

Preparation and planning

We study project feasibility by defining the essential points for tracking.

Equipment installation

We configure the necessary equipment and assist you step-by–step.

Instrumentation and monitoring

We continuously measure the behaviour of your structures.

Data collection

OSMOS data is archived and hosted at a secure space.

Visualization and analysis

We provide regular reports and comprehensive behavioral reviews which are available on our online customer interface.