• Managing your building park

    Managing your building park

    Ensure the health of structures to sustain the city, this is the mission that was given Osmos there over twenty years. Leader and pioneer of the health monitoring of structures,...

  • Cost control a priority

    Cost control a priority

    Schedule maintenance operations upstream and prioritized your actions: postpone construction phase or initiate timely. Avoid additional costs of emergency and damage...

  • Structural Health Monitoring

    Structural Health Monitoring

    The world of construction endorsed the contemporary challenges. Build and manage the books today is focus on protecting existing buildings, ensuring efficient and responsible operations,...

OSMOS is a specialist in the instrumentation, monitoring
and maintenance optimization of your structures.

OSMOS - strain measurement on a road bridge

The bending of 3 spans of the road bridge is monitored by 8 OSMOS Optical Strands installed on the top and bottom members of the steel frame. Each heavy vehicle passing through is recorded by the Expert System Acquisition, which allows the reconstruction of the evolution of the structure under the effect of each convoy : stresses magnitude in the material, estimation of broaches and identification of vibration modes.