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OSMOS guarantees peace of mind and maximum optimization of your maintenance budget.

Created in 2001, OSMOS offers to its customers a real-time and continuous structure monitoring solution, ensuring peace of mind on structure control & safety, and maintenance budget optimization, thanks to a turnkey solution at the cutting edge of optical fiber technology, named Optical Strand

OSMOS provides key information on the stability and the overall behavior of structural asset so the decision maker can make on the operability, availability and maintainability of the asset.

In order to detect change(s) in the structure, such as deformation, OSMOS install various types of sensors, mainly Optical Strands (proprietary technology) composed of braided fiber optics, which, under strain such as compression or tension, induce micro-curvatures that are then converted into deformation measurements. ​

The numerical signals and data can be obtained through wired systems (OSMOS Expert Data Acquisition System) and/or wireless system (LIRIS) and are converted into information using advanced hardware, software and innovative mathematical and statistical algorithms​.


Measurement of deformation by optical fiber OSMOS

OSMOS Group is a subsidiary of the EREN Group

Technological innovation
for greater natural resources efficiency : saving resources in a profitable manner

A long-term operator business model
EREN remains owner of the equipment and offers it to its clients as a service

An experienced team
shaped to deploy the Group’s international strategy

A significant investment capacity
More than 600 M€ of shareholders’ equity