OSMOS - Structural Health Monitoring

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OSMOS extends the lifespan of your structures

A subsidiary of Eren Group, an expert in natural resource efficiency, OSMOS aims to extend the lifespan of structures by optimizing their upkeep, in order to save energy and economize on the materials needed for new builds.

With recognized expertise in France and abroad, the company has made a name for itself as a major player on the structural health monitoring (SHM) market. Thanks to its innovative technology and its expertise, OSMOS gives managers of structures and engineering and construction companies the possibility of continuously monitoring changes to their structures, in real time.


Supplying our clients with high-performance, innovative solutions for the maintenance and operation of all types of structures.

SIAP + Micros

World leader in environmental monitoring solutions, SIAP has been producing instruments for meteorology since 1925. In such a long time span, SIAP equipment have been installed almost worldwide, as result of well proven quality and reliability. In 2018, OSMOS and its Taiwan-based partner, SANLIEN Technology Corp, jointly acquired 100% of SIAP + Micros shares in order to bring to the market a wider and complementary offering of integrated monitoring solutions for the building, infrastructure and industrial sector.

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OSMOS Group is a subsidiary of the EREN Group, an expert in natural resource efficiency with:

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