Industrial assets control and preservation for every scenario

In recent years, the awareness of industrial site managers has been significantly enhanced, in terms of the assessment and management of their civil engineering structures. Faced with shrinking budgets and rising performance demands, keeping equipment in good working order while saving money on maintenance has become a major concern. This means reducing the amount of needless servicing by taking action in the right place, at the right time. Within this context, structural health monitoring tools have emerged as a solution capable of cutting control and maintenance costs for civil engineering works and industrial equipment. Whether the need relates to production line supports, intra- or inter-unit structures, storage facilities, or factories or other industrial buildings, OSMOS offers tailored monitoring services for those structures, which, in many cases, are aging yet still strategic.

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As a structural asset manager, enjoy OSMOS expertise

OSMOS solutions go beyond traditional sounding techniques such as periodic visual inspections, and provide real added value to structural monitoring policies. Combining monitoring and behavioral engineering allows you to determine the exact state of health of your structures and their evolution over time, to track the impact of regular operations on the behavior of equipment and/or civil engineering structures and to detect early signs of structural defects and known defects. In the long term, OSMOS solutions will allow you to optimize your operation and maintenance of your structure.

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Overhead crane


Detection of structural defects

Prevention of disputes


Fissures, cracks, crevices

Creep, spillage, inclination, bursting force

Load-bearing capacity, differential settlement, discharging arch

External loads

Maintenance / Shutdown

Maintenance / Rehabilitation, restoration, improvement

Imported risks

Control of critical phases

Business Resumption

Crisis management

Disasters, protective measures

Climate phenomena

Extraordinary events


Live dynamic signatures of industrial equipment

Industrial equipment is exposed to a large number of specific constraints associated with its operating conditions and the environment. Thanks to continuous, real-time measurements, OSMOS can not only analyze the structure’s long-term behavioral trends, but also the impact of occasional “dynamic” stresses. Of those stresses, vibrations, variable loads and maneuvers are major factors in accelerating the aging of machinery.

Strength of industrial equipment and civil engineering works

The measurements taken during monitoring periods allow us to track any structural anomalies we detect and obtain conclusive information about the health of your structure, whether it is a piece of equipment (overhead crane, production line, crane track, etc.) or a civil engineering works (framework, silo, chimney stack, etc.). In the long run, the quantity of data recorded will also enable forecasts about a structure’s future mechanical behavior and its estimated remaining life.

The solution to your issues: the results of our analyses

OSMOS tracks various parameters to evaluate wear and tear on a structure and its evolution over time. This allows us to anticipate the future mechanical behavior of industrial equipment and structures and to estimate their remaining life.

OSMOS records a structure’s dynamic characteristics – the frequency, damping ratio and modal deformation of each mode of vibration – in order to define its intrinsic signature. After experiencing stress, that signature indicates whether or not the building or equipment has suffered any damage, locates the damage and assesses its severity.

All equipment is subject to cycles that are linked to its operation. As for civil engineering structures in the industrial sector, they are likewise exposed to seasonal cycles and temperature fluctuations. OSMOS assesses the impact of those recurring strains on a structure’s behavior. Our analyses also yield precise knowledge of the long-term changes caused by the natural aging of engineering works.

OSMOS helps you

Our monitoring systems function in real time and immediately detect any abnormal behavior, for optimal control over your industrial site’s safety.

Put an end to urgent responses: avoid critical situations that could force a shutdown and reduce the output of your industrial facilities.

Adapt the usage made of your structure, to ensure its availability and maximum performance without undermining its structural health.

Opt for the preventive management of your industrial assets, by redefining and planning ahead for your maintenance and upkeep, so you can take action in the right place, at the right time, and achieve substantial savings.

Define appropriate maintenance actions for your equipment and adapt its level of service according to its structural properties, for a longer life.

Anticipate your structures’ mechanical behavior and adapt their usage, so as to optimize the performance of your assets while preserving their health in the long run.

Patrice Pelletier

Deputy Chief Executive at OSMOS Group - Structural Health Monitoring

+33 7 85 53 06 37