With OSMOS, protect your structure from phenomena likely to have an impact on its stability and durability.

  • Project supervision by OSMOS teams
  • System adaptable to any type of construction and to any condition
  • Monitoring at any stage of the life cycle of the structure
  • Structural assessments based on the measurement of physical parameters
  • Detection of disorders beyond aspect criteria
  • Unique and fully patented technology
  • Real-time and continuous strain measurement
  • Micrometric resolution
  • Visualization interface with SAFE Works
Beyond the aspect criteria

Throughout its life cycle, your structure is subject to internal and external stresses. Their effects are not always visible. Our approach consists in going beyond the criteria of aspects by studying the physical parameters at stake on the critical zones of the structures. OSMOS analyses the mechanical behaviour of structures in order to identify emerging pathologies, to evaluate the criticality of disorders and to monitor their evolution over time. By controlling the risks specific to your construction, you are able to preserve its condition and ensure the safety of users.


Data interpretation methods with proven effectiveness

  • Study of slow changes in the behaviour of the structure
  • Study of the structure's response to dynamic loads
  • Team of structural and civil engineers
  • Team of mathematicians and data scientists
  • Evaluation of the stability state index
  • Control of the value chain from sensor design to data analysis
Always one step ahead in your decision-making process

Our methodology consists in exploiting the measurements taken continuously by looking at different time scales to deduce relevant indicators on the mechanical behaviour of structures. We study slow evolutions (static analysis), as well as the response of the structure to dynamic stresses. At the same time, our design engineers and data scientists develop dedicated algorithms to go further in the interpretation of data and deliver conclusive information to structure managers.


Specialized teams at your service

  • Availability and reactivity of OSMOS team
  • Regular reports
  • Unique information about your structure
  • Processing and management of alerts
  • Key information for your decision making
  • Easier management
  • Dedicated and collaborative interface (SAFE Works)
  • Available raw data (API) 
Support throughout the life cycle of your structures

As a structural asset manager, you receive regular analysis reports on the state of your structures. Our monitoring systems are set up in order to prevent any abnormal behaviour of your structure. By knowing how to act in the right place and at the right time, you are able to optimize maintenance operations and schedule heavy work when necessary. You thus make significant savings and guarantee the safety of users.