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OSMOS uses all commercially available sensors in order to best meet the expectations of its customers. We also make available our innovative proprietary technologies for the continuous and real-time monitoring of your structures.

To detect and collect data on all these phenomena, we use our own expert data acquisition system, OSMOS EDAS. This station has the advantage of being compatible with all the sensors on the market in order to meet all your needs, even the most varied.

Among those sensors, the Optical Strand measures elongation, which corresponds to a deformation of the structure, very accurately.

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Corde Optique OSMOS


Since the creation of OSMOS, our Research & Development department has occupied a central place in the company. The department is in charge of the development and improvements of the sensors, which constitutes a real added value for OSMOS. The innovative and unique use of fibre optics has thus enabled us to stand out from the competition by offering unique solutions on the monitoring market, always adapted to our customers needs.

OSMOS developments follow the OpenSource philosophy.

LIRIS, autonomous and wireless monitoring

The OSMOS standalone wireless Optical Strand is incorporated in the world of the Internet of Things for ad hoc, non-intrusive monitoring, including in zones that are difficult of access or in emergency situations. The wireless standalone Optical Strand and the autonomous wireless inclinometer have a compact mini-station that provides real-time detection and analysis of deformations.

The OSMOS wireless standalone systems are easy to install and configure. The LIRIS range is compatible with the SMS alert system that remotely informs the recipient if the threshold is exceeded and sends a daily structural behaviour report.

The unique OSMOS process, based on the principle of the modulation of light intensity by measuring analog attenuation, ensures the instantaneous response of the sensor. The physical principle applied consists in detecting the changes in the transmission properties due to the transformation of the absorption ratios, emission ratios and light refraction.  The Optical Strand therefore has the advantage of having a unique capacity for collecting data and is accurate down to the nearest micron.

  • A revolutionary and patented technology
  • Composed of braided optical fiber​
  • Neutrality of the measurement signal: light​
  • Small dimensions and great discretion​
  • High robustness in relation to its environment
  • Deformation measurement: 1st order criteria
  • Long base 1m and 2m as standard
  • Micrometric resolution
  • Continuous measurement up to 100Hz

EDAS: Expert Data Acquisition System compatible with all sensors on the market

The OSMOS expert system consists of a smart station to which is connected a network of wire-based sensors. The number of smart stations connected in a network is unlimited, and each may host up to 12 optical sensors and 18 external analog sensors.
This expert system provides complete monitoring of the structures and the data can be consulted in real time in the client web interface via the ADSL, 3G or 4G network. Sheathed and flexible, the Optical Strand can be set in the concrete of any construction and thus be incorporated into the foundations to provide monitoring throughout the lifetime of the structure.

La station d'acquisition de données OSMOS EDAS permet d’intégrer les capteurs optiques et les capteurs 0-10 V et 4-20 mA disponibles sur le marché via les interfaces d’entrées de la station d’acquisition

  • Accelerometers

  • Anemometers

  • Weathervanes

  • Extensometers

  • Hygrometers

  • Tiltmeters

  • Piezometers

  • Temperature probes

  • Rain gauges

  • Strain gauges

In order to facilitate the gathering of information, OSMOS systems are compatible with RESTful APIs. Our clients are thus able to consult all the data of their project, both raw data and algorithmic data.


Transmission of your structural data in record time

Data collection and instrumentation

High frequency data collection: 100 Hz

Data transfer

Fast data transfer thanks to our unique sampling process

Secure cloud storage

Data transmission is encrypted end-to-end using SSL and OSMOS data is archived on French servers.

Pre-processing and access

The data are made available on our online interfaces and dedicated API

We also use sensors from: