Control structural risks associated with your buildings

At a time when standard buildings are becoming a concern for local populations, the private and public players responsible for their upkeep must be extremely vigilant as to the stability of their structures. To assist you with the preservation of the buildings you are in charge of, OSMOS offers continuous, real-time monitoring solutions to determine the exact state of health of your structures, detect any emerging issues and track changes to existing problems.

This way, our analyses help you to take control of the structural risks, launch appropriate upkeep and maintenance work on your buildings, if necessary, and guarantee the safety of the occupants.

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As a structural asset manager, enjoy OSMOS expertise

Our primary mission at OSMOS is to provide conclusive insights on the actual state of your building and monitor changes in its mechanical behavior over time. Thanks to our expertise, you are able to guarantee the safety of the buildings’ occupants, avoid needless, costly repairs and preserve your structural assets over time.

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Standard and public buildings

Establishments open to the public
Academic institutions
Public and private healthcare facilities
Train and bus stations
Shopping malls
Sports facilities
Performance hall
Other buildings
Commercial properties/Offices
High-rise buildings
Private and public housing
Underground parking
Unusual structures


Detection of structural defects

Prevention of disputes


Fissures, cracks, crevices

Creep, spillage, inclination, bursting force

Load-bearing capacity, differential settlement, discharging arch

External loads


Maintenance / Rehabilitation, restoration, improvement

Monitoring of surrounding structures

Preventive referral and legal risk

Ground-works loadspreading, injections, drafts

Crisis management

Disasters, protective measures

Climate phenomena

Extraordinary events


Tracking defects and emerging issues

By monitoring the physical parameters of the most critical parts of structures, OSMOS analyzes building behavior, in order to assess their stability and detect any potential deviations. Our solutions allow us to identify all structural problems, whether or not they are visible, and monitor all changes in defects over time.

Monitoring the impact of external strain and neighboring constructions

Thanks to continuous, real-time measurements, OSMOS can not only analyze the structure’s long-term behavioral trends, but also the impact of occasional “dynamic” stresses. These can include nearby work, neighboring constructions and weather phenomena like strong winds, which can cause or exacerbate structural faults in buildings.

The solution to your issues: the results of our analyses

OSMOS tracks various parameters over the long term, in order to detect any structural defects early on and verify the stability of the buildings and any changes that have occurred over time. As a result, our teams are in a position to recognize and anticipate a structure’s mechanical behavior, so as to identify and prevent any structural risks.

Temperature fluctuations, weather events, nearby work and neighboring constructions can all cause damage to buildings. OSMOS’s methodology leverages the continuous, real-time measurements recorded and analyzes long‑term behavioral trends in structures, as well as the impact of dynamic events on their state of health. Our solutions allow us to measure and assess the effects of the environment and human activity on structures.

OSMOS helps you

A lack of regular upkeep can lead to major deterioration, which in turn will eventually require substantial renovation work. Check your building’s state of health at any time and anticipate structural risks.

Our monitoring systems function in real time and immediately detect any abnormal behavior, for optimal control over the safety of your property and its occupants.

Verify the actual impact of strain on your structure, in order to define appropriate upkeep actions to preserve your structure and extend its life.

Protect your structure from the vicissitudes to which it is exposed. By placing it under continuous monitoring and carrying out targeted maintenance actions, you can guarantee its integrity and its preservation over time.

Put an end to urgent responses and opt for proactive management of your structure: avoid critical situations that could force the closure of your building and the substantial expenses associated with protective measures.

Perform appropriate maintenance work and manage your priorities to significantly reduce the cost of your structure’s upkeep.

Patrice Pelletier

International Business Manager at OSMOS Group - Structural Health Monitoring

+33 7 85 53 06 37