Four solutions dedicated to each type of structure to better meet its clients’ needs

To be ever closer to its clients, OSMOS Group has the pleasure of announcing the release of its new services, suited to each type of structure. This is accompanied by the launch of a new website presenting each solution.

Managers of these different structures must contend with very different challenges, depending on the function of the structure: maintaining service levels for engineering works, preserving ancient heritage for monuments, optimizing operating conditions for industrial equipment, and ensuring public safety for establishments open to the public.

All clients can obtain dedicated support which is specific to them, managed by a specialized sales representative.

  • Infrastructures: OSMOS continuously monitors structural health and supports your asset management processes.

    By redefining maintenance operations and targeted repairs, based on the points of fragility identified in each structure, managers of public and private structures can optimize the use of their budgets and avoid unnecessary closures that are terribly costly and restrictive for users.
  • Ancient heritage: OSMOS can help you protect your ancient heritage for future generations.

    OSMOS’s mission is to provide conclusive insights on the actual state of a structure and monitor any mechanical behavior changes over time.
  • Industries: OSMOS monitors the structural integrity of industrial equipment and civil engineering works.

By combining monitoring and behavioral engineering, a structure’s exact state of health can be determined, namely including any emerging problems and their evolution over time, and the impact of operations on the behavior of the equipment and/or civil engineering structures can be tracked.

  • Buildings: OSMOS helps you preserve your buildings, over and above their appearance.

The unique expertise and information OSMOS provides can help the technical departments at companies that own and/or manage buildings, regional authorities, building administrators, construction experts and private firms to improve their management of structural risks, undertake appropriate maintenance work on their buildings, as needed, and ensure the safety of their buildings’ occupants.

Arnaud Surpas, OSMOS Senior Vice-President, explains that, “Our goal is to strengthen the support we offer our clients in managing their structures, but also to facilitate requests for information and the implementation of structural monitoring projects.”


About OSMOS Group:

A subsidiary of Eren Group and an expert in natural resource efficiency, OSMOS aims to extend the lives of structures and to optimize their upkeep, in order to save energy and economize on the materials needed for new builds.

With recognized expertise in France and abroad, the company has made a name for itself as a major player on the structural health monitoring (SHM) market. Thanks to its innovative technology and its expertise, OSMOS gives managers of structures and engineering and construction companies the possibility of continuously monitoring changes to their structures, in real time.