Monitoring the structural condition of an overhead crane: when structural health monitoring is used to detect even the most infinitesimal signs of structural anomalies

A cement plant’s overhead crane was showing signs of premature fatigue. To curb its accelerated deterioration, reinforcement actions were performed on the equipment. The OSMOS Group was tasked with monitoring changes in the crane’s mechanical behavior, as well as the effects of operating cycles on its condition. By anticipating any deviations, the operator is able to carry out the necessary actions to ensure its structural integrity and personal safety.

Four solutions dedicated to each type of structure to better meet its clients’ needs

To be ever closer to its clients, OSMOS Group has the pleasure of announcing the release of its new services, suited to each type of structure. This is accompanied by the launch of a new website presenting each solution.

Managers of these different structures must contend with very different challenges, depending on the function of the structure: maintaining service levels for engineering works, preserving ancient heritage for monuments, optimizing operating conditions for industrial equipment, and ensuring public safety for establishments open to the public.

All clients can obtain dedicated support which is specific to them, managed by a specialized sales representative.

Monitoring of the structural behavior of the Cheminée du Nil in Angoulême, a testimonial to the town’s industrial past

A listed structure since 2012 and a symbol of Angoulême’s industrial history, the tall Cheminée du Nil smokestack has been leaning for several years, the changing nature of which needed to be monitored. The city council launched a comprehensive assessment, which concluded that there was a need to implement safety measures while studies and then consolidation and restoration work were carried out.


The consolidation and restoration work on the Cheminée du Nil in Angoulême was entrusted to a consortium comprising the specialized construction firm Freyssinet Sud-Ouest, the structural engineering office ATES and the architectural practice BDF Architectures.